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Kristin's Journal
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Thursday, March 1st, 2007
10:36 am
shit son

it's been, what like 2 years or some shit? i guess it's time for an update. myspace has consumed the world...so that explains the delay. um...well i'm in college now, going to PSU. i love it, it rocks. i own a 71 Nova, which i adore with every fabric of my being. i still volunteer at the shelter and work at DQ part time. um..i have an awesome boyfriend, Bryce, who i love very dearly. we've been together for 4 months and it's been awesome. um...lots has happened in 2 years....i don't quite know exactly what to say. my mom had another kid...yeah, that's crazy. she's 2 now, and a little hellian. haha. i lost a lot of my friends from highschool, i rarely talk to anyone anymore. i've made lots of new friends at school and through Bryce. it's crazy how much my life has changed. i feel like a completely different person.

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, April 9th, 2005
11:40 pm
one of these

(1) Your gender: female
(2) Straight/gay/bi?: straight
(3) Single?: yes
(5) Birthday?: june 29, 1988
(6) Age you wish you were: anything but now
(7) Your height: 5'7
(9) The color of your eyes: brown
(10) The color/length of hair: brown, below shoulders
(12) Tattoo?: soon


(13) Smoke?: nope
(14) Do drugs?: nope
(15) Read the newspaper?: no
(16) Pray?: rarely, if at all
(17) Talk to strangers who IM you: some times
(18) Take walks in the rain?:love it
(20) Like to drive fast?: not really, not after the incident...


(21) Hurt yourself?:like on purpose?? no, but on accident, of course
(22) Been out of the country?:yep
(23) Been in love?: no
(24) Done drugs?: No
(25) Gone skinny dipping?: no
(26) Had a surgery?: no
(27) Ran away from home?: nope
(28) Played strip poker?: that would not be pretty
(29) Gotten beaten up?: no
(30) Been picked on?: who hasn't
(31) Been on stage?: Yes
(32) Slept outdoors?: Yes
(33) Thought about ?: i tend to think, a lot
(35) If yes, what is your record?:ok what the fuck does this question mean?
(36) Talked on the phone all night?: no
(37) Slept with the opposite sex without actually doin' it?: no,as in i've never slept with the opposite sex, just to clear that up
(38) Slept all day?: yes...many many times
(39) Killed someone?: no, jesus
(40) Made out with a stranger?: No
(41) Had sex with a stranger?: no
(42) Kissed the same sex?: nope
(43) Done anything unusual with the same sex?: no
(44) Been betrayed?: nothing comes to the top of my head
(45) Broken the law?: again, who hasn't?
(46) Met a famous person?: yep
(47) Been on radio/TV.?: yes
(48) Been in a mosh-pit?: i don't go in because of my glasses, but i stand on the side and push huge guys over
(49) Had a nervous breakdown?: nope, i'm a fairly chill person
(50) Been criticized about your unusal performance?: unusual performance? am i the only one that takes that sexually? i spend too much time around guys...
(51) Had a dream that kept coming back?: Yes i hate those
(52) Shoe brand?: i have adidas, converse, etnies, some others
(53) What are you normally wearing to school/work?: Jeans, shirt, shoes
(54) Wear hats?:rarely
(55) Judge other people by their clothing?unfortunately, yes
(56) Wear Make up? never
(57) Favorite place to shop?: concerts to get shirts you can find no where else
(58) Favorite article of clothing?: my shirts, they tell everything about me
(59) Are you trendy?: FUCK NO


(60) Believe in life on other planets?: possibly
(61) Miracles?: yes
(62) Astrology?: kinda
(63) Magic?: meh
(64) God?:on the fence
(65) Satan?: again, same with god
(66) Santa?: no
(67) Ghosts?: leaning towards no
(68) Luck?: yep
(69) Love at first sight?: no
(71) Witches?:no
(72) Easter bunny?:no
(73) Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? yeah, though with the growing trends, it doesn't seem likely anymore
(75) Do you wish on stars?: every night i can see them


(76) Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title?: nope
(77) Do you remember your "first love"?: Yes, though i've never had a boyfriend, but i do remember my first crush though, so i'm counting that
(78) Still love him/her?:no
(79) Do you consider your first love a mistake?: no, it's good to experience things, or people in this case, it shapes the person you want to be with forever
(80) What do you find romantic? going to the movies in a hot car
(81) Turn-on?: the thing i notice first is a guys hair, and then his smile
(82) Turn-off?: fucked up teeth
(83) Do you base your judgment on looks?: i try not to, but in the society we live in it's hard not to be shallow
(84) Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out?:no, because i'm just as scared shitless as i'm sure most guys who ask girls out are
(85) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive?: yeah
(86) Do you think the opposite sex finds you attractive?:probably not, i'm the "friend"
(87) What are the best things about the opposite sex?: i can't think now
(88) What's the last present someone gave you?:my dad gave me this kick ass nova book so now i can tell the difference between all the years FUCK YEAH!
(89) Are you in love?: no


(90) That you laughed at?:josh
(91) That laughed at you?: lindsey
(92) That turned you on?: that information is for select eyes only, though those who read this know
(93) You went shopping with?mum
(94) To disappoint you?:jill when she told me my raise wasn't in effect until 4-15
(95) To ask you out?: chris-HA
(96) To make you cry?: god i don't know
(97) To brighten up your day?: ryan, jennie comes before him though, but i saw him after her
(98) That you thought about?:ryan, and jennie, because i just typed their names for the last one
(99) You saw a movie with?:molly and jennie
(100) You talked to on the phone?: jennie
(101) You talked to through IM?: it's been so long since i've talked to anyone on IM
(102) You saw?: andy
(103) You turned down? chris-HA


(104) Smiled?: today
(105) Laughed?: at work earlier in the night
(106) Cried?:i cried the other night about something, i think it was mary
(107) Bought something?: i bought ashleigh a birthday card the other day
(108) Danced?: i danced tonight at work, we're all very weird children there
(109) Were sarcastic?: all the time
(110) Hugged someone?: i hugged lindsey when i left work
(111) Talked to an ex?: HA-ex, i wish
(112) Watched your fave movie?: damn i really need to freshen up on my dumb and dumber quotes, it's been too long
(113) Talked on the phone? yesterday
(114) Listened to the radio?: this morning
(115) Watched TV?:this morning
(116) Went out?: fuck if i can remember
(117) Helped someone?: this morning
(118) Sang?: at work earlier

Current Mood: intimidated
Saturday, March 26th, 2005
2:24 pm
palm springs
yes, i am still in palm springs for my spring break vacation. every one said i would have SOOO much fun etc, but they were wrong. possibly the worst vacation ever. luckily i go home tomorrow. oh how i miss home. i pretty much sat around the house and watched tv. only difference is there is nothing to eat here in the house, so i didn't eat all day long. it kinda blows, a lot. i wish i was at home so i could hang out with my friends and work. i don't even look much more tan. sad. it's getting cloudy again, but it's fucking hot. to a person that always wears black, not such a good thing. i did get to meet a really freaking cute puppy that lives close to the house. she always wandered in our backyard. i'm hungry right now. last night i got to watch kyle get drunk. well i guess that's all for now, i shall update later.

Current Mood: bored
Monday, March 14th, 2005
10:15 pm
great night, for the most part
i worked tonight, which was cool, because i need the money. well ryan was working, which made it even better. when i was closing, though, a cher song came on, and i stopped and said to manager ryan (different guy), that i hated cher. and he was like, that shouldn't stop you from sweeping. i'm like i know, and he thought i said no. he was like the longer you stand there the louder you are saying no. i'm like what the fuck. so i took my precious time closing and said fuck him. i still got done faster than i usually do. well back to good stuff. after i was off, i stood in the back and talked to the cooler ryan for about a half hour. it was fun. i can't remember what he said, but we were cracking up about it for like 2 minutes. now i'm home and i don't want to go to bed because that means going to school tomorrow. not fun. with it being sunny out, it makes the day seem better though, which is always good. we filmed our german video friday, which was fun. i don't know if frau's gonna like it though. oh well. i leave on saturday for palm springs, and i'll miss ryan. he's gonna be gone in New York for another week after spring break. 2 whole weeks! damn. if i die in a plane crash, jennie, you can get all my stuff that you want, but ask molly if she wants anything too. turn my shirts into a quilt. tell all the guys i ever liked that i liked them, well maybe not ALL the guys. tell my dad all the bad shit molly does. play good shows at my funeral. a list of people to say fuck off to for me: cris(stepmom), chris(gay bastard), kent(first and foremost), brittany, laura white, anyone else you find necessary. have my dogs put to sleep because no one will want them. i guess that's it. this will be only the 3rd time i've been in a plane, and i'm a little scared. well anywho, i suppose i shall retire and get some sleep. good day.

Current Mood: loved
Friday, January 28th, 2005
9:45 pm
good times
i went to jennie's house tonight and she is fostering a really cute american bulldog. her name is lily and she's all white save a brindle spot over her left eye. she's freaking cute and really sweet. she seemed to like me a lot and liked to cuddle with me. i forgot my bass lesson today which pissed me off. meh, what can you do. we had some guys come out and look at the space over the garage where we plan to put a room for me. it's gonna be big, which will be good. i don't know what color to eventually paint it, though i'm leaning towards blue. any suggestions?? anywho, i guess that's all for now, later.

Current Mood: jubilant
Thursday, January 27th, 2005
10:20 pm
quiz type thing
Seven things in your room:
1. stereo
2. computer
3. bed, oh so wonderful bed
4. posters
5. book case
6. candles
7. pup-peroni

Top seven things you say most:
1. shit
2. any Dumb and Dumber quote
3. god damn loch ness monster
4. tree fitty
5. just a bit
6. that is a sexy dog
7. jesus christ

Do You:
Smoke? no
Do drugs? no
Read the newspaper? nah
Pray? sometimes, but i have doubts
Have a Job? hell yeah Dairy Queen Baby
Attend Church? no

Have you ever:
Been in love? no
Gone skinny dipping? no
had surgery? no
swam in the dark? no
Been to a Bonfire? yep
Got Drunk? no
Ran away from home? no reason to
Played strip poker? no, fortunately for the people i would be playing with
Gotten beaten up? nope
Beaten someone up? accidently once
Been on stage? a few times
Slept outdoors? yeah
Pulled an all nighter? tried, i just love to sleep too much
Been on radio/tv? tv
Been in a mosh-pit? no, i'm too afraid to lose my glasses
Do you have any gay/lesbian friends? yeah
Wallet? yep, it's a duct tape canadian one
Coffee/Cologne/Perfume? coffee-caramel frapachino, perfume-velocity

In the last 24 Hours have you...
Cried? no
Bought something? no
Gotten sick? no
Sang? i am now
Been kissed? nope :(
Felt stupid? no
Talked to an ex? nope
Talked to someone you have a crush on? no
Missed someone? yes
Hugged someone? yes
Sex with someone? no

Have you ever:

1) Had sex? no
2) Drank alcohol? yes
3) Gotten drunk? no
4) Smoked weed? no
5) Gotten high on something else? no
6) Broken the law? yes
7) Stole something? yes
8) Cheated on someone? no
9) Done stuff with someone who you knew had a boi/gurl-friend?no
10) Skipped school??? no, i'm a skipping virgin
11) Lied to your parents? who hasn't
12) Told someone a secret you swore you wouldn't tell? probably, though i can't remember
13) Hurt yourself? yeah, but not on purpose
14) Cheated on something in school? Yeah.
15) Started crying for no apparent reason? yeah
Would you ever:
1) Hurt somebody you cared about really bad on purpose? no
2) Kill somebody? probably
3) Completely embarass yourself to make someone happy? probably
4) Perform in front of a huge audience? yes
5) Do something you'd regret for a good cause? maybe, it depends
6) Do something stupid because you were bored? i did once, and i learned my lesson
7) Break the law? yes
8) Hurt someone to defend someone you cared about? yes, if it was necessary.
9) Have sex with someone just because you were bored? no
10) Go to a retirement home and hang out with seniors just for the Hell of it??? if my grandparents were there, or if i had a dog

god this is getting long.........

Do you want to:
1) Get married some day? sure why not
2) Have children? absolutely not, only dogs
3) Have a job your happy with, even with a bad salary? only if my husband makes good money
4) Hook up with someone in the near future but just for one night? meh
5) Keep all the friends you have? yeah
6) Get closer to any of the friends you have? Yes
7) Die happy, but in poverty? i don't want to die in poverty but i will take that over rich and unhappy
8) Be famous? it could be cool, but i don't think i'll be that good at bass anytime soon
9) Help the world even if no one knew your name? yeah
10) ... ... ... (What career do you want)? fuck if i know

A - age : 16

B - band listening to right now : jen, she's a good band

C- crush : getting over someone

D - dad's name : jay randall wells

E - easiest person to talk to : jen, for sure

F - favorite band at the moment : Metallica

G - gummy bears or gummy worms : bears

H - hometown : Gresham, OR

I - instruments: bass, air drums, air guitar, air stand-up bass, but i actually play the bass guitar

J- juggled knives: no

K - kids : spawns of satan

L - longest car ride ever: Reno and back

M - mom's name : Tina marie rask

N - number of siblings : 2, or 5 counting step siblings

O - one wish : i wish that i could figure out what i want to do with my life

P - phobia[s] : Thanaphobia, decidophobia, Iatrophobia

Q - favorite quote : one of them: "The more people i meet, the more i like my dog"

R - reason to smile : i'm getting a new room hopefully, the child is asleep, i'm talking to jen, ozzy is playing, i have a cool car on my shirt, many others.

S - song you sang last : i was just singing shinedowns simple man

T - time you wake up : like 7:45 weekdays, around 10ish weekends

U - u pretend:sometimes

V - vegetable you hate : brussel sprouts, little heads of death

W - worst habit(s): cussing

X - x-rays you've had : teeth, arm, leg

Y - yummy food :almost anything is good, mmmmm food

Z - zodiac sign : cancer

Current Mood: i hate the song playing
Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
9:58 pm
yeah, finals suck complete ass, but i get out at 11:30 every day this week, which rocks. i'm kinda bored right now, though i should be studying. meh. not much has been going on lately, though it seems that because it's been so long since i last posted, i would have loads of news. right...i've been working, and going to the shelter, and that's it. i got asked out by chris, and avoided him for a couple weeks. though this made me feel bad, he acted like an ass by telling me he was desperate. smart boy...ha. fucking asshole. yeah so yeah. i really want a nova, i'm dying to get one soon, but my mom said i can't get one until june. that made me mad, but whatever. yeah, that's all for now.

Current Mood: devious
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
4:18 pm
hey all. well to update about my last post, kent was really pissed at buddy and said "If he wasn't a minor, he would be in the hospital right now." i was like yeah right douche bag. what a pussy. well buddy and tarek dropped/got kicked out of school. not fun. we went and saw alexander last weekend-shit of a movie, do not go see it! tomorrow, we're going to see Oceans Twelve. i liked the first one, but who knows about sequals anymore. officially, my thrird favorite kind of dog is a Cane Corso, aka Italian Mastiff. fucking rad. Mr. Smith is like the best teacher ever. during math today, we were talking about all kinds of dogs and stuff, it was rad. we have pretty much the same taste in dogs. I went to a jazz performance thing from the Mt. Hood jazz band during 8th period. no german!! ashleigh thought the drummer was cute so she screamed out his name at the end. good times. yeah, so that's about all for now. i know, my life is unbelieveably unexcitable, but whatever. later

Current Mood: complacent
Friday, November 19th, 2004
11:10 pm
good night
yeah, tonight was rad. me and jen went to the play, which was fucking hilarious. we met up with chris, ashleigh and buddy. during intermission, kent comes down to talk to me and buddy comes up behind him and slaps him because kent was in his seat. i started laughing and kent jumped up and was like what the hell. i told kent i gave buddy permission to do it so kent slapped me! i was like what the fuck, so i punched him the gut. now that i read what i put, kent was not abusively slapping me, but like rough-housing, you know. and so later i had buddy go up and slap kent again. good times. apparently kent is mad though, but he can kiss my ass. Sean allen, ty, and graham were the 3 best in the play. they made it so hilarious. i have a meeting tomorrow, shelter, and then work. it's going to be a long day indeed. i'm trying to get my laundry done now so i don't have to get up really early tomorrow. so yeah, i guess that's all for now, i would definately recommend the play though, fuck the football game.

Current Mood: giddy
Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
3:45 pm
really good video
anyone and everyone (besides jen, because i know you've seen it) that reads my journal must watch this video www.deviantart.com/view/11454716/. its very sad but very moving at the same time. so yeah, that's all for now, i'll update again later.

Current Mood: nostalgic
Sunday, October 24th, 2004
6:28 pm
shit faces
god today was a horrible day. it was all going fine until i was in my parents room playing with the dogs, and luther didn't want to play so i started petting mary. she went off on me and andy said to knock it off. so i sat there a while and started scratching mary's ears and she went off again, without warning, as usual, so andy starts yelling at me and cussing at me for just sitting there when he said to leave the dogs alone. after a few minutes i'm like i'm not doing anything and he's like go to your room and leave the dogs alone god dammit. i'm like jesus christ, freak out. i went in my room, locked the door, and turned on metallica really loud. i decided i didn't want to see the light, so i went in my closet and shut the doors. i could hear my mom yelling at me, but i did nothing. before, we were going to go to the mall to go shopping, but i didn't want to go after that. so andy fucking turns off the power so i can hear what they're saying. he comes to my bedroom and is like get your ass downstairs so we can talk to you. and he's slamming his bedroom doors around. so eventually i went downstairs, the whole time thinking i should have ran away to my dad's house, which to much surprise, i prefer now. he fucking lectured me about how i think the whole world revolves around me and how they run me around everywhere and never bitch-lie.... but whatever. they got mad because whenever they lecture me i never say anything, like they actually care what i have to say. they would just yell at me more. so andy said your mom just wants to spend one day with you, is that too much to ask. of course, no reply from me, but silence in its place. he's like how would you like it if you couldn't go to the shelter next weekend, or if you couldn't work next weekend. i'm thinking, ok, you're taking away my two salvations just because i won't go to the mall? what a prick. so i went upstairs and thought about it, and decided to plaster on a smile and go to the mall, just so i can work next weekend. well now i'm home and i gotta go.

Current Mood: irritated
Friday, October 1st, 2004
12:12 am
A new soul
yes ladies and gentlemen, there is a new soul in the world, and she is my one and only baby sister. Natalie was born 6 days early, September 30, 2004. i went to the hospital tonight and all went well, no complications. i was happy about this. she's the weirdest thing though, and i'm not sure how to take it in. one moment she's inside, not to be bothered or seen by anyone, and the next, she's being passed around like a common football so everyone can have a look. i held her, and she was grunting to help her breathe. i don't know what quite to think yet, it's just weird. i keep saying that and i probably will for a while, it's just weird...and that's it. she's small and soft and pink, and she has dark curly hair, like andy's and she has slate blue eyes, but the nurse said every baby has that color eyes when they're born. she was quiet, and not fussy...yet. my family said she looked like me, but i don't see it for i am a grown person and she is a few hours old. how could we have a resemblence. all babies look a alike. squished faces, pink, noisy. meh, it's all the same. i didn't get to see my mom, but they said she did well. i miss her tonight, i'm all alone. i need to go to bed but i'm not quite tired. it's just weird.

Current Mood: touched
Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
10:15 pm
yay cruise in
today was so rad, me and my dad and cris went to the cruise in at PIR. we tood the 54' finally. my dad got it running and we drove it down with no problems. it hasn't been driven that much in a long time, so i was surprised that it made it. there were SOO many novas tonight, i was so happy. there was a 72' for sale, it was really nice. 2 doors, yellow (i know the color sucks), i wanna say a 396 in it, but don't quote me. but the shitty part was it was $9,250, which is a lot of freaking money. but i don't want a perfect nova anyway, i'd be too afraid to drive it. yep so i just got done typing my paper for corketts class, and now i'm getting ready to make my lunch and go to bed. my mom thinks she's ready to have the baby tonight. she's having really bad contractions, and she says within the next couple days, if she doesn't go in tonight. so yeah, i'm having a real hard time typing right now, so i'm gonna jet. -later-

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
8:02 pm
school sucks
yes, indeed school sucks. second week and i'm already so tired of being there. same god damn thing every day. i wish i was at work. well i guess not a lot else is going on. a really cute rottie came into the shelter last week, and he's so gorgeous. if all goes well he went home today with some nice people. i miss brad pit more than anything right now. i just want to see him again. it's been a while since i felt like this, and it sucks. a lot. the one good thing about school is that i get to go late every other day. that's always good. well i guess that's all for now. -later-

Current Mood: blah
Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
6:47 pm
good day
i went to the shelter today, which was quite fun. i played with brad pit all day long. there was only 1 point where i had to put him back in his kennel. i put an adopt me vest on him and showed him off to the people. he was very polite and very sweet. initially he's hyper, but once you keep him out, he chills out so much. i got pissed at people though for thinking pits are vicious dogs. but i got him adopted and that's all that matters. i'm so happy. i miss him so much though. he's the very first pit i ever fell in love with. shady wasn't to this extreme. he's so rad. no one was at the shelter today and all the temps left at 2:30, which sucked. well i gotta go eat dinner and listen to my mom bitch. peace.

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
3:16 pm
not such a good day yesterday
yeah, yesterday i went to the shelter for the first time in over a week. a lot of dogs got adopted, including moose and goldie. i saw this yellow lab, and older gent he was, who would make the perfect dog for my grandparents. he was mellow and it said right on his kennel card that he would be the perfect dog for a family who doesn't want a dog that needs a lot of exercise. after a few hours, i was bored, so i decided to look on the computer to see if any dogs in B were going to get euthanized...bad idea. of course, the dog, his name was bruce, is going to be euthanized on monday. i was like oh my god. so i called my grandma and since i was at the info desk, i didn't want to yell "he's going to be euthanized for christ's sake!" so i told her he won't be with us for much longer, if you catch my drift. she told me she didn't want a dog and that she isn't prepared to have a dog, blah blah blah. i was upset about this, so i tried to get him adopted, which turned out to be unsuccessful. when it was almost time for me to go, i went to say goodbye to him and i told him i was sorry and i started crying so i went to do laundry so no one would see me. on a lighter note, there were some cute pitbulls there, one was a red-nose pit with light tan brindle stripes and his name was brad pit, HAHAHA. he was as sexy as the real brad pitt. then there was this really cute younger black and white boy, who looked a lot like my brother's roomate's dog. i showed him twice. first time he jumped up on me and when i went to put my hand down to stop him, i snagged my tumb on his tooth, so his tooth went under my thumb-nail, and it hurt so bad. second time i was trying to put him back in his kennel and he went in between my legs and i hurt my hip again. but it feels ok today. sheba got adopted too, which made me happy. today me and my mom went shopping and i got 4 pairs of pants and shoes for natalie. her shoes are so damn cute, they're little red converse, and i wish i could fit in them. hehe. well that's all for now. -later-

Current Mood: crushed
Friday, August 20th, 2004
9:17 pm
back from the beach
yay, i'm finally home. the shitty part is is that registration is less than a week away. yucky. the beach wasn't as bad as i though it would be. i slept in a tent, but we got the air mattress, so that was cool. the house was unbelievably small, but we managed. molly got in her moods, which of course is typical, and she would talk or shit, but she got over it. now i'm just chillin' not really doing anything. we had a bonfire on the beach last night and kyle, kelly, and her boyfriend ben, went of to do "stuff" and molly and alecia walked away to drink, so i was left alone to tend the fire. kyle said something mean to me so i started crying and we had a really good talk after that. i figured out some stuff about him i didn't know and he figured out stuff about me. it was nice. one of his room-mates has a pitbull, and she's so beautiful. i want her. her name is venom and she's black and white. she looks somewhat like shady, but shady was a lot bulkier. but she's so nice. kyle says that she'll come up to you and put her paws on your shoulders and lay her head on your shoulder. how cute. they have to keep the bunny off the ground now though. scotty was there, considering he lives there. it was good to see him again. i'm glad my dad and cris didn't make fun of kyle for having a girlfriend. EWWWW worst thing ever, my brother told me at what age he lost his virginity, and i really really really didn't want to know. i started freaking out and yelling and i said "EWWWWW you're hairy!!!". he just started laughing. i spent the 20 bucks i brought which dissapointed me. meh, what can you do. i bought milkshakes for me, molly and alecia on tuesday at DQ, and i bought a scarf for 10 dollars, a deck of rottweiler cards for 6.50 i stole a lighter and a mood ring and my dad bought me a sticker that says les claypool for president. exciting. we went to ripleys believe it or not too. that was tight. yeah so i guess that's about all. peace be with you.

Current Mood: sleepy
Monday, August 16th, 2004
8:57 pm
canada eh?
fucking right canada, the best damn place on earth. i just got back from victoria, BC about 2 hours ago. i had the best time ever. victoria is orgasmically beautiful. the pariliment building and the empress hotel, oh so gorgeous. if any of you readers EVER get the chance to go, don't turn it down for nothing. my god you will not regret it. the only shitty part is riding a ferry for 2 hours, but you get over it when you see the beauty. it's honestly the most beautiful place i've ever seen in my 16 years of life. we went to craigdarroch (pronounced derrek) castle, which was so rad. you walk in and look up and the stairs are like spirally, so you can see to the ceiling on the top floor (it's hard to explain but i have a picture). speaking of pictures, i took 60 pictures all together, i just couldn't help myself. we took a carriage ride which was very cool. i learned that horses sweat, which i did not know before. and also, what a idiot i am, i didn't realize that canada is run by england. i guess i really never though of it. i don't think that would be too bad, though i'm not sure for i have never lived under a monarchy before. i got a canada flag charm for my bracelet which makes it so i have 1 more spot to fill up. i put it right next to my rottweiler because i can look at it a lot. i have to go to the beach tomorrow, and yes, i HAVE to go, and i don't want to. fucking dad and his fucking vacations that suck ass. get this- 2 bedroom house, 11 people. doesn't quite add up eh? oh by the way, i didn't hear one canadian person say eh, though i say it a lot myself. they say aboot though, which is tight. it sounds so cute when they say it. i saw a cute guy on the ferry coming home and believe it or not, he lived in oregon, what are the odds. i have so many skeeter bites on my body, god damn bugs. i wish i was back in victoria so badly. shitty america. it was nice not to hear shit about bush and kerry for once. they don't have to worry about shit like that up there. i shall live in canada one day, probably not victoria, though. well i shall talk to you all when i return on friday or so. peace be with you-i like that one.

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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
8:54 pm
shitty times
i had to go to my dad's this weekend, and big surprise, it was shitty. on friday molly was gone so we went and worked on the 54' and my dad gets all pissed at me because i'm sitting on the rock wall petting the dogs, which he takes as me being bored. jesus. then we went to kfc (gag) and i choked down 1 and a half chicken strips and the roll and mashed potatoes, and he was bitching at me because their ice machine was out and it wasn't like the fucking pop was cold anyway. when i got home, i wanted to go for a walk, because of the kfc making me feel like shit and i wanted time to think. so i go in the living room and i'm like i think i'm gonna go for a walk, and my dad gets all pissed and says i never "just walk around". fuck you. so instead i sit in my room blasting mudvayne and stare at the walls. fun. and then i was playing my bass, and my dad comes in around 10 and is like are you done playing; and i said i can be, and he's like good. he couldn't tell me to put on head phones or turn it down, oh no. that would make sense. so i went in the living room and watched tv for a while. on saturday i went to the shelter, which was fairly unexciting. that evening, molly was home and alecia came over and we watched grass and the people under the stairs. interesting movies, indeed. we were playing skip-bo and molly was being a fuck ass, in one of her moods because me and alecia were mocking her. we went to sleep and i woke up about 10 this morning, after a bad nights sleep. so today i did practically nothing, watched a lot of tv until my dad got home. then we went to my grandma's house, again with the unexciting. then we went to burgerville, and now i'm home. monica got a new truck after like 3 days of looking with help from the cousins, so my mom bought her old car for my brother. it's a honda civic, and it's a stick, which my brother hasn't driven since he was learning to drive way back when. monica's going to bring her truck to DQ tomorrow so i can see it. so now i'm doing laundry and being absolutely bored. i shall look at novas or something. peace be with you-that's a new one.

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004
5:09 pm
not a whole lot has been going on lately, so i guess i don't have too much to write about then. i just had some cavities filled about an hour ago, which, as usual, sucked complete hairy ass. i've been driving a lot lately, in andy's truck, which turned out to be easier then i expected, pretty tight. my dad's truck is fucking hard to drive; it's got so much play in the steering wheel. my mom's been pissing me off lately, she always finds something to bitch about, and i hear it all. my fucking face is still numb and it feels really weird. i need to give jennie her birthday present sometime soon, maybe i'll call her after i get offline and see if i can come over tonight to give it to her... maybe. last night i went to work on the 54 with my dad and it started raining so hard in sandy, and i went out and stood in the rain with the dogs and we got all wet, it was rad. i was soaked by the time we left. i love it when it rains so much. now i'm bored and i don't have much else to do. hmm... -later-

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